Breathe. Create space. Expand awareness. Cultivate joy and curiosity.

Integrative Life Coach | Yoga Guide | Mindfulness Mentor

Transform your life from the inside out.

Hello, I’m Colleen,

I am so happy you are here because I truly believe you deserve to be happy, and taking subtle shifts in your mind, body and dwellings can get you there. 
Supporting people in their journey of living a harmonious and balanced life is my passion. 

As a certified Chopra Integrative Life Coach, Ayurveda Health and Mindfulness Mentor, and Yoga Instructor, I truly believe everyone deserves to feel their best, to know what works best for their unique spaces and to have a wellness “tool kit”.  

When we work together I meet you where you are today in your wellness journey, and then we begin co-creating your tools, practices and subtle shifts that empower impactful and sustainable transformations.    

Yes you can shift unhealthy patterns and untangle limiting beliefs to build a life that excites you!  Together with curiosity, and a holistic, non-judgmental approach you will create the life you deserve.


Ever feel like you’re so close to getting your whole life together…but something’s off?  I have been there too, and I am so happy you are here because together, we can help you find out what’s been stopping you from taking charge of your life and getting aligned to your greater purpose.

I’m here to help. I work with my clients as a guide and a coach, supporting their journey toward wholeness and an overall healthier life. It’s time for you to make real lifestyle shifts so you can fall in love with the life you’ve created.

Let’s find your “Aha!” insights together.

Wherever you are in your journey, I will meet you there 

Integrative Life Coach

Integrative Life Coaching supports you to get crystal clear on what sparks excitement for you! As you do the work, you’ll begin to understand that you are not the stories you have lived or told yourself.

Yoga & Mindfulness Guidance

Yoga & Mindfulness is where we meet ourselves where we are, and communicate with kindness and compassion. We build an ecosystem of mind, body and heart that supports our life purpose. 

Your transformation starts now

You’re stuck in habits you can’t seem to shift, but you’re ready to leave them in the past where they belong. True, integrated change can only happen in the present moment. Let’s begin exploring where your magic happens.


Mindful monday

Every Monday at 8:30am ET

A meditation gift to all – join us virtually. No experience necessary – All are welcome!

Women’s meditation

Every Monday at 8:30am ET

Join us virtually for conversation, meditation and mindfulness practices. All woman are welcome! 

This class offers a community environment – please come as you are and know you belong.  Whether you are an experienced meditator or have never meditated before,  this class will provide the experience needed to begin or strengthen your practice.


January 15-22, 2022

Reserve your spot now. This event will SELL OUT.

It’s time to reconnect to your body and breath in gorgeous surroundings of the Mexican Riviera!

Client Love

“Working with Colleen has had a positive effect on my life through the practices of Ayurveda and meditation as well as her energies and guidance. In addition to mindbody practices, she designed a creative and mindful workspace that allows me to be in flow with my patients.

Dr. Lynn Westine

MS, C.N., Founder of EKOE Health

“I am so grateful to have Colleen as my coach and wellness guide as I navigate some of life’s obstacles and revisit my purpose.  I honestly feel like I am being introduced to myself again.”

Hermon B.

Arlington, VA

“Colleen’s incredible support, meditation community, and the toolkit that I built from what she has taught me has allowed me to navigate our family loss.”

Lois W.

Great Falls, VA