So often we see the differences in one another… and yet there is one thing we all have in common. Want to take a guess at what I believe that to be? 

Here are a few hints:

  • It’s something I know about you and something you know about me. 
  • It directs how we go through our day and how we play and work.
  • It governs how we act and respond to the world around us.  

Any guesses?

It’s happiness… we all need, seek, and deserve happiness. It is our divine right to be happy!


How we each achieve happiness may be different, but the basic human need for happiness is the same.

I think many of us forget it is our divine right to be happy, or perhaps never knew it was. And who could blame us… from an early age we are taught that happiness is achieved by acquiring things, things outside of ourselves. And the “size and degree” of happiness is measured by the size of the “thing” acquired.  

More toys equal more happiness, a big job equals big happiness, a big house equals big happiness, the right neighborhood equals more happiness, more money equals more happiness.  

Have you ever caught yourself in that thought process? Like, “once I get “x” I know I will be in a better happier place.” And yet, has true happiness ever come from anything you have acquired? Maybe for a few days or even weeks, but then it fades and it’s on to needing and chasing the next thing. 

Total transparency…  I once deeply believed I would find happiness once I had enough money to shop at the fancy stores, got a nice car, bought a house in “that” neighborhood. I enjoy many of those things today, AND none of them created my happiness.  

15 years ago I cut this photo from the Washington Post Magazine, and I suppose it was the first time I stopped to think about what it was that I truly wanted, what would bring me joy, where I wanted to place my priorities.

What does it say to you?

It’s fair to say my journey of understanding and finding my happiness came as a trickle, a slow trickle. Yet worth all the confusion and struggles, I create my own happiness, it’s an inside job and I am enough and complete exactly as I am. I wish that for you. 

Here’s the secret, external things that we desire, want, or attach to, they move and change. 

So when we attach our happiness to them it’s all great UNTIL that external thing moves or changes.  

So let me remind you … Happiness is your divine right!  

Repeat it until you feel it in your bones, and try a few of these daily habits as you clarify, define, and follow your path to happiness.

  • Trust you already hold the “happiness” tools you need, avoid trying to find it in others. 
  • Be authentic with your actions and dreams. 
  • Ask your heart when you are unsure of a decision. 
  • Be in awe of the miracles happening around you every day and look for the good in all things.
  • Reconnect with what you want and stop comparing yourself to others. 
  • Release the idea of reaching a destination and be in flow with your journey. 
  • Be curious about what gets in the way of your inner happiness, and make a shift. 
  • Give to others what you want to receive, and expect nothing in return.  
  • Be gracious and excited for the simple things. 
  • Take breaks to pause and notice your mindset and interrupt negative thought patterns.

My personal journey toward happiness required waking up – waking up to the knowing that only I can create my happiness. 

I wish you joy, happiness and to shine bright!


“You can only have bliss if you don’t chase it.” Henepola Gunaratana

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