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Subtle Shifts, taken with purpose and awareness, create great changes!

Transformation starts with curiosity and a willingness to explore.

Integrative Life Coach
Integrative Life Coaching supports you to get crystal clear on what sparks excitement for you! As you do the work, you’ll begin to understand that you are not the stories you have lived or told yourself. Obstacles will become opportunities that guide your transformation. Your goals and purpose will become more clear and you’ll step into the most aligned, brave version of yourself. 

Oftentimes even if we are doing all the “things” – exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, self care – we still feel stuck, fearful, frazzled and disconnected.  Your best laid intentions just aren’t getting it done.

My clients say I provide support with a holistic, non-judgmental, and informed perspective. I am not suggesting it’s easy but it’s worth it!

*Unique to you packages available.


Yoga & Mindfulness Guidance

No matter your level of experience, I will help craft practices that support you. Can’t touch the floor in a forward fold, then we will bring the floor closer to you; can’t seem to quiet your buzzy thoughts, then we will create a unique practice. This is why Yoga and Mindfulness are for everyone. 

Private yoga sessions allow us to get specific and focused on your goals, whether you are working through an injury, creating strength or flexibility, building confidence in your practice or deepening it!  One on one sessions are all about you!  You deserve it!

Private mindfulness sessions are for those looking to start a mindfulness practice or deepen the one you have. We will build a personalized practice for you that with consistency, can shift the stream of busy thoughts and stress crowding your mind and build focus and attention!  Ahhh… yes that feels good!

Corporate & Wellness Events

Interested in corporate mindfulness training, yoga or having me speak at your event?  

I work with companies, big and small, to support their employee wellness with customized wellness and yoga programs.  

If you’d like more information on me speaking to your group, hosting your next yoga retreat, or how I can help your organization, send me an email here. 

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“Colleen is an exceptional integrative life coach! Not only did she help me integrate a holistic mind body wellness plan and guided me through a thought process that helped me land a career position of a lifetime.  I am so glad we are working together.”

– CG