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If you’re like most of the people that I’ve worked with, you may be living in a chronic state of stress that includes less than optimal sleep, a sense of buzzing around and racing from one task or obligation to another, discomfort
somewhere in your body or mind, a home that has too many projects to complete, and feeling of disconnectedness. . . you aren’t alone . . . and it doesn’t have to stay this way. 

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People feel better when they connect with themselves
right where they are now. But here’s the thing. How do you connect with the present moment if you feel tired, overly stressed or downright terrible?

You do it through honoring the idea that you’re worth transformation. That you’re worth a shift, no matter how subtle and small. That you’re capable of building a toolkit that supports you where you are now and that allows you to expand and grow into whomever you want to be.

Subtle shifts–taken with purpose and awareness–create great changes!

Impactful change is possible. And you deserve it.

What People are Saying

“The incalcuable amount of support”

“The incalculable amount of support I receive from you through working with you, the community in your meditation class, and the toolkit that I’ve built for myself from what you’ve taught me…it really allowed me to navigate our family loss”

–Lois W. Great Falls, VA 

“She puts you completely at ease”

“I’d like to start and end every day with a yoga class from Colleen! She puts you completely at ease, letting you know that your yoga practice is designed for whatever your body can do.

–Mary B. Falls Church, VA

“Positive effect on my life”

“Working with Colleen has an immeasurable positive effect on my life through the practices of Ayurveda and meditation as well as her energies and guidance in designing and creating a workspace that allows me to feel creative.”

–Dr. Lynn Westine MS, C.N., Founder of EKOE Health

“You really understand”

“You really understand my style and found ways of keeping my style (within my budget) while creating a plan based on our needs. Thank you for helping to transform my house into a home that we all love.

–Rachel D., Arlington, VA


Through Ayurveda (“the science of life”), I help you incorporate the 6 pillars to nurture your health through the powerful mindbody connection. We’ll co-create diet and lifestyle-based “prescriptions” to help you get back in touch with your true nature. Making lasting, healthy changes will become less of a battle! With the right “prescription” for your type, transformation can feel effortless.

Yoga & Movement

Ancient wisdom knows this and modern science has learned this too–the Mind and Body are connected. Through yoga and movement, you can harness the most powerful tool available to you to connect your mind and body. Whether it’s a silent walk in nature, simply sitting in a chair and doing mindful breathing (pranayama) or it’s growing your yoga practice to full sun salutations, if you’re practicing the mindful connection with breath and movement, you’re creating a ripple effect of true lasting wellness.



Meditation is a practice, not a performance. It’s a powerful tool that you can use every single day (even multiple times per day) to tap into peace. It’s like tuning into the stillness that’s already there. What I find most beautiful about meditation, is that just like in life, we remind ourselves to come back into our best selves. Whether you’re sitting in a meditative pose or you’re washing dishes with utmost mindfulness, you can practice peace, stillness, and connection. The benefits of meditation don’t just happen in meditation, they happen in every other area of your life too.

Dwelling Spaces

Energy matters and the energy that you create in your dwelling space will either sap you or uplift you. Our homes are a reflection of our inner lives and our mental state. Organized chaos is still chaos and over time, clutter drains happiness. At any budget, you can create a beautiful space that renews your optimism and enriches your quality of life. Our intimate spaces and the places where we dwell need to be livable, unique spaces where individuals and families truly love to spend their time.

A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Colleen Avis and I’m passionate about wellness.

Illness and disease shouldn’t be the status quo. Since 2015, I’ve committed to helping others find balance in their lives through improved sleep, reduced stress, improved nourishment, and emotional wellbeing. The way I see it, you absolutely deserve to feel your best.

I will meet you where you are. 

Whether we’re working together in a group yoga class or one on one Ayurveda nutrition planning, I aim to share practice and knowledge that ensures the lifestyle shifts are incorporated in daily routines and that you feel excited and motivated about your journey.   

I lead with my heart and believe that your wellness approach should be both practical and customized to you. 

As a Certified Instructor and Meditation Teacher for the Chopra Center, I’m passionate about sharing the teachings of Vedic wisdom, balance, healing, and transformation.

You can reinvent yourself. And after 15 years in high-pressure corporate world, nearly 10 years in the design business, and then shifting into studying and receiving my certifications in meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda . . . I’ve come to realize this truth: some of the greatest impacts we can make start with subtle shifts.

Let’s Connect

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And . . . if you’d like to inquire about any services or how we can work together, I love talking all things Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and “interiors”! Whether it’s the space in your home, the space of your mind or your body, you can start making subtle shifts. Please reach out so we can start the conversation about your unique needs.


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