Perfect Health Ayurveda Course

Do you regularly feel you are racing from one thing to another, pushing from one task to another? Is your inner voice telling you it’s time to prioritize yourself? Is your mind scattered, foggy, and unclear? Have you tried other approaches to health and wellness, but the one size fits all programs fail you each time?  

If you answer yes to any of these questions, this course is for you.

You will learn & practice practical tools that empower you to:



  • reduce stress, 
  • improve your intuition,
  • address physical and emotional imbalances, 
  • improve sleep, 
  • use your senses to heal,
  • release toxins in your mind – body and create balance and peace,
  • understand your optimal nutrition, self-care, and sleep requirements,
  • enable greater awareness, health and wellness.

This course offers practical and implementable approaches, practices, and tools that empower you to make lifestyle changes that stick, and create balance, clarity, and happiness.

 What will you learn in this course?


You will gain practical knowledge and science of Ayurveda, learn about your Dosha (mind-body constitution), practice unique and approachable tools and techniques, hear first-hand personal experiences and testimonials that support your learning, growth and creation of lifestyle shifts!

What makes Ayurveda so special is it offers a proven approach to tap into your already existing inner knowledge… a perfect inner core. A place where you already have the answers that support your wellness and help you connect, mind, body, senses, and spirit.

I believe that even the most subtle shifts create impactful transformation and that everyone deserves to feel their best.  Your unique spaces are connected and we all have the ability – and deserve – to create personalized tools using mindful movement, emotional wellbeing practices, mindfulness, connection to nature, nourishment — and even the energies in our homes. Ayurveda offers a clear path to enable your journey. 

If you are ready to transform, find your unique path to healing and growth and shine your brightest… signup and join us!


Areas of focus include:


  • Nourishment and good eating habits, 
  • Sleep habits and respecting the daily rhythm of nature, 
  • Your inner pharmacy – and how you can use your senses to heal
  • Yoga and meditation, and connecting with nature.
  • Daily routines that are approachable and integrate into your life. 

Course Testimonials

One of the best things I have ever done as part of my self-care routine is to take Colleen’s Ayurveda class.  She guides you through a deeper understanding of your inner workings;  mental, physical and emotional, and gives practical suggestions for achieving more balance and healing in your life.  She is a natural teacher who takes a deep interest in the people around her and nurtures them on their wellness journey. This Ayurveda class is something everyone owes themselves.

Ann Keating

Receiving my mantra from Colleen was one of the most uplifting spiritual experiences I have had in my meditation journey and I have continued to use that mantra to this day.

I could not have asked for a better teacher and coach than Colleen. If you have the opportunity to experience her teaching, I’m sure you will feel the same.

Brett Eaton

 Additional Course Details


During the 5 virtual, 1 ½ -hour sessions, you will create a unique health and wellness toolkit specific to you, with a foundation and understanding of Ayurveda that allows you to make changes to your life style that reduce current imbalances. 

Below is a session-by-session list of topics covered. Please feel free to contact me for more information. 

All sessions will be hosted on Zoom. The welcome email with Zoom details and worksheets to begin exploring your Dosha will be emailed to you once you register!

 here is a quick view of what we will cover in each weekly session:

In Session 1, we will:

  • set our intentions for the course, 
  • discuss the principles of Ayurveda, 
  • learn about the multidimensional nature of life, 
  • explore our Doshas (mind-body constitutions). 
  • learn and experience basic meditation practices and a few simple, yet effective, breathing awareness techniques (this will happen throughout the course)

In Session 2, we will discuss Ayurvedic nutrition, including,

  • the power of digestion, 
  • the six tastes, 
  • eating to balance each dosha type, 
  • phytonutrients, and 
  • eating with awareness. 
  • You will learn practices for creating vibrant health and well-being. 

In Session 3, we will focus on cultivating emotional well-being, which includes these topics: 

  • happiness, 
  • our core emotional needs, 
  • the nature of emotions and how they relate to the doshas, 
  • the seven biological responses, 
  • conscious communication, and practices and tools for emotional clearing. 

In Session 4, we will explore how to tap into the healing power of the five senses: 

  • sound, 
  • touch, 
  • sight, 
  • taste, and 
  • smell. 
  • You will learn specific sensory practices to balance each of the doshas. You will also explore the sense of humor—using laughter as medicine. 

In Session 5, we will focus on Ayurvedic daily routines. The topics include:

  • the rhythms of nature, 
  • creating an optimal daily routine, 
  • doshas and the seasons, 
  • seasonal routines, 
  • detoxification, and 
  • restful sleep. 

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