Sacred Spaces Book 3

Collaboration Co-Author Information & Agreement

Welcome to the Sacred Spaces book project – I am thrilled you are here!

Sacred Spaces Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, Home Transformation, Volume 1, published in December 2021, is now an award-winning multiple category #1 Amazon best-selling book. We received the International Book for Peace Award in 2022!

Sacred Spaces, Volume 2, published in November 2022 and is also a #1 Amazon best-selling book

With this powerful collaboration of authors and Sacred Spaces Volume 3, we can do the same again … and more!  If we work together, collaborate, and cheer for each other, we can achieve personal and collective goals and gift readers our vulnerable and empowering stories.

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Why Be Part of the Collaboration?

Personal Growth

  • Explore perspectives that matter most to you
  • Challenge your creativity
  • Grow and expand your writing skills and share your story

Collective Growth

  • Raise the vibrations of love and peace in the world
  • Share and encourage vulnerability and authenticity
  • Cultivate curiosity and learning

Business Growth

  • Expand your network of like-minded people
  • Build and grow your community
  • Expand your marketing tool kit with a best-selling book
  • Benefit from joining a group of mindful and supportive authors

The Commitment


To ensure the best possible outcome for our book, I’m asking you to agree to a minimum level of promotion/marketing/sharing for our collective book project.

You can of course do more than is what is asked here, but these are the minimum asks for the project:

By completing your application and sending your investment, you agree to the above.

This “agreement” will not be “policed”, just trusting we will each honor the commitment, stay in integrity to ourselves and support each other in making this the best book it can be.

Ready for this awesomeness?

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