Hello & Welcome…

I believe everyone can make great changes and improvements in their lives through increased awareness and commitment to regular subtle shifts. When we start where we are and approach balance in our lives with a fun and open heart there is an opportunity to learn, grow and make great impacts.

Subtle shifts can reduce stress that leads to:

  • improved sleep,
  • less racing from one task to another,
  • ease and relief in the mind & body, and a
  • more peaceful & harmonious home.

…to name just a few!

Start where you are…

… and embrace the idea that practicing balance is empowering and fun! Create spaces you love to live in – mind, body & home! Whether you begin with cultivating a positive mindset through mindfulness practices, developing strength and circulation through increased movement, or decluttering and harmonizing the home – it’s getting started with practical changes that will create the lifestyle you deserve.

What could you do today to get started?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • pause for 60 seconds, close your eyes and notice your breath.
  • eliminate one pile of papers from your house this week.
  • call a friend from your past to let them know you are thinking about them.
  • express gratitude for the food you eat at every meal.
  • plant your favorite vegetable in a pot – reap the rewards later.
  • enjoy legs-on-the-chairl pose for 5 minutes before bed creating a more peaceful nights sleep.

Ready to shift?

We all have areas of our lives we would like to improve or make healthier, right? I am passionate about guiding and supporting others in the development of their unique wellness toolkit that supports their goals — think improved sleep, reduced stress, nourishment, meditation, increased energy, grounding, emotional wellbeing, movement & yoga, Ayurveda lifestyle. Let’s work together to improve your balance.

Join my new class series: Ayurveda: Cultivating Health & Happiness, starting October 13th.  Click here to learn more and register. 

And… Halloween is not cancelled!  Join me and our beautiful community for a meditative walk – location TBD.  Click here to learn more and register.