Words matter. Words really matter.

You know the phrase “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It’s false.

Sure, “sticks and stones will break my bones” may indeed be true. Believe me, I have a 15-year-old son, and each spring for the last 3 years, basketball, hardwood floors, lacrosse sticks, and contact sports have broken many of his bones.

(pause with me and take a few deep breaths in… and out…)

However, “but words will never hurt me”, that part it’s not always true. I certainly wish the hurtful words directed at me or ones I have heard did not rattle me, create tension, worry, sadness, or hurt. I mean sometimes I am able to brush off hurtful words, yet other times words have really thrown me for a loop. Anyone else with me on this?

Here’s the deal… Words are energy! That energy we choose to use or surround ourselves with, focus on, or allow to run wild in our minds, can really impact us mentally, physically, and energetically. Words have the power to harm and humiliate, and they have the power to empower, help, and support. They can knock you to your knees or make you feel like the most important person in the world.

(I prefer the energetic vibration I feel with empowering words, you?)


“Every word carries an energy that can be sensed, regardless of whether you are thinking it, speaking it, hearing it, or reading it on a page. A lot of elements impact a word’s energy.” – Sharon Anne Klinger –


My intention is to use kind words and, of course, pause when needed before I respond 🙂

I desire this for the words I express to others and the ones I speak to myself.

Wait! what?

Yeah, stop here for a second… ask yourself: “Am I talking to myself the way I want to be talked to? “Are the words I am speaking inviting in the energy I want to be receiving?”

I am not flawless at this either, I will be practicing forever and know mantras will be my tool of choice.

What’s a mantra? Translated from Sanskrit: Man = Mind, Tra = Tool.

Simply put, a mantra is a mind tool. Knowing the energy and vibrational qualia of words, a mantra to me is a mighty seed. It holds within it unlimited possibilities, curiosity, transformation, focus. Like a seed, when planted and nurtured, it blooms.

(I love mantras! If you are curious, want to talk more about mantras or learn how to receive your personal primordial sound mantra, set up a time with me.)

My mantra for 2022 is to “lead with love”.  I love the feel of those words, and filtering my actions and words first through my hearts so I can naturally share kindness, respect, and compassion.

As I write this… the mantra that comes to me and I will focus on today is “shine bright”.

I don’t have a formula for selecting my daily mantra. Typically, when I wake up I ask my innermost knowing self (my soul), “what’s my mantra today?” And then I trust what comes to me at that moment. I don’t overthink it, I just repeat the word(s) before I get out of bed, then off I go with my day.

I like starting my day with positive vibes! My mantra for the year takes a little more time, reflection on the year past, and alignment with my wishes for the year ahead.

Other high energy words, whether you call them mantras or affirmations, I have felt connected with recently are:


Grace * Harmony * Humble * Courage * Zen * Moksha * Beauty * Light * Magic


There’s no wrong or right, it’s just a mind tool!

As you read this, what words come to you? Maybe you already have a mantra, how did you select it? What does it mean to you? What energy do you feel when you think of your word or mantra? What’s your ritual with your words?

Whatever you select, “be impeccable with your word”, as Don Miguel Ruiz shares with us in his book The Four Agreements. I invite you to choose words with a positive direction of truth and love… to you and others.

*The first agreement from the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – one of my all-time favorite books – says it all.  He says in his book that words are magic and to use your words in a positive direction of truth and love… because your words can create good in the world, or create chaos and spread negativity.



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