About Colleen Avis

“It is never too late to reclaim the connection to yourself and your true purpose … happiness and balance are obtainable and you deserve it!”

I am passionate about supporting others in their journey to feel their best and live a harmonious and balanced life.
As a certified Chopra Integrative Life Coach, Ayurveda Health and Mindfulness Mentor, and Yoga Instructor, my approach embraces the whole person and believes all our spaces (mind, body and dwelling spaces) are beautifully intertwined.
I guide clients through their unique journeys toward wholeness and purpose; while untangling limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, and unconscious conditions.
My clients say working with me helps them see they are not their stories, and obstacles once viewed with frustration, fear and disappointment, offer infinite opportunities that guide their transformation.  
Everyone is unique and building their unique wellness “tool kit” is at the core of my beliefs …. So, it all starts with meeting you where you are now, and trusting that subtle shifts create impactful and sustainable transformation.

My approach is holistic, unique, non-judgmental and offers an informed perspective… it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it!

In addition I am a certified Integrative NLP Practitioner, Interior Designer, Co-Creator of EKOE Womans+ Circle and Co-Founder of Tree Sisters.

Colleen knows her most powerful tools are the ones she has created over the last decade by transforming through her own experiences, and openly bringing her own life lessons, struggles and transformative tools to all her clients.  

Look for her first book launching in January 2022 entitled Sacred Spaces, Subtle Shifts through Mind, Body and Home Transformations. 

Available December 30, 2021

Sacred Spaces

Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, and Home Transformation…

. . . what if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that transforms your life?

That’s what to expect in this powerful collaboration. Passionate, talented, wise experts come together in this book to offer their authentic stories and holistic practices so that you may enjoy a moment of learning, growth, perspective, and possibly life-changing strategy.

You’ll begin to understand what’s possible in terms of living a full, gorgeous, satisfying life, and you’ll have a built in team of skilled coaches, practitioners, and inspiring human beings to guide you.

Ready to start your journey? Enjoy every step!