As I began writing this shower meditation blog, I hesitated to use the words meditation and mindfulness.  Not because I don’t believe in the incredible benefits they offer… honestly my meditation practice changed (maybe even saved) my life nearly 10 years ago.

Rather I hear many people saying to me that the idea of a meditation practice is too “woo-woo,” they have negative thoughts about the practices, they’ve tried before and can’t stop their minds from wandering, they don’t believe they have the time or meditation takes too much time, or they have limiting beliefs around the perceived benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

So why was I hesitant? I didn’t want anyone who feels that way not to read this post. There are enough myths out there about meditation, and I didn’t want the words meditation or mindfulness to deter anyone from maybe just maybe trying something new or making a subtle shift that could change their life.

Mindfulness Meditation. A double dip!

 So, what if I told you this post is about “double dipping,” being efficient, and using your daily shower time as a powerful tool to elevate your day and create conscious awareness in your life?

Yes, while you are pouring shower gel in your hand during your warm shower (or hot bath), you can allow your mind to wander, melt away negative emotions or lean into the present moment.

This is a post full of powerful ways, great tips, and different types of meditation for anyone thinking, “oh great, another person trying to get me to meditate because its so good for you… no, thank you, not interested, maybe next time!”   

If that’s you… stay with me… please.

Shower Meditation: Not your traditional meditation

Recent studies show that more than 50% of us shower once a day, so besides the obvious reasons for showering (arguably to get your entire body clean), I suggest using your shower time to build a mindfulness practice… a shower meditation… a peaceful daily routine.  You can call it whatever you like!

A shower meditation may not sound like traditional meditation, maybe you like that! Either way, the next time you step into your daily shower, I invite you to embrace one of my 7 shower meditation practices. I have dropped a few great tips below that will allow you to make your shower the new perfect place for mindfulness.

They are short meditation tools that won’t take much time and will bring you quickly into the present moment. Maybe they will even have you slowing down and changing how you look at your shower time!

Shower meditation #1: Top of your head to the tip of your toes. 

  • Stand under the shower and bring your awareness to the top of your head.
  • Allow yourself to feel the water washing over you for a few moments. Just feel the pressure of the water run over you.
  • Then bring your awareness to an individual drop of water and as it lands on the top of your head, allow your mind to trace that individual drop down past each part of your body all the way down to your toes.
  • Repeat tracing the drops from head to toe a few times. Take your time.
  • Take a deep breath. Move on with your shower when you are ready.

Shower meditation #2: Remove negative energy.

  • Bring to mind the negative emotions or thoughts that are creating stress in your daily routine as you step into your shower. I suggest starting with a little thing or worry as you begin trying this practice.
  • Stand under the shower and as the water flows over your entire body, invite the negative feelings to flow and move downward with the water creating a mind cleansing practice.
  • Feel the water moving over your body, carrying with it the negative emotions and negative energy.
  • As the water washes down the drain, allow it to carry with it all you wish to release.
  • Take a deep breath. Move on with your shower when you are ready.

Shower meditation #3: Let the mind wander.

  • Our minds wander 47% of the time. When this happens, we tend to be critical of ourselves and have negative thoughts about how we wish we were more focused.
  • Use your shower time as a way of allowing the mind to simply wander. Yes, let it wander, invite it to wander intentionally.
  • We are almost never doing nothing, so a few moments in the shower can be just the few moments you need to slow down and just simply be! Aww!
  • Science says mind wandering is essential to creativity and problem-solving. Wow, a shower, meditation practice, and science-backed facts all before your new day starts! ☺
  • Enjoy the feel of the water on your body, trust there is no right way or wrong way, and enjoy.
  • Take a deep breath. Move on with your shower when you are ready.

Shower meditation #4: Express gratitude.

  • Take your daily shower as you always do and while you are lathering up the body wash in your hands and doing all the things you do in the shower, bring to mind 3 things you are grateful for.
  • Bring awareness to how each grateful moment makes you feel. Yeah, smile in the shower!
  • Make this your shower routine. It’s an easy way to be in the present moment and grateful for what you have.
  • Add positive affirmations if that feels right for you, and invite in the positive energy and lightness you wish for yourself that day.
  • Take a deep breath. Move on with your shower when you are ready.

Shower meditation #5: Sing in the shower!

Shower meditation #6: Send love to your body.

  • While you are washing each part of your body, imagine sending love to each part.
  • As you wash your feet, tell them how much you appreciate them allowing you to stand and move all day. As you wash your arms, perhaps let them know how much you appreciate the hugs they allow you to give or the grocery bags they let you carry. As you wash your face, a moment of love and conversation with yourself for all the beautiful sights your eyes allow you to see!
  • You get the idea… Let each part of your body know they are loved!
  • Take a deep breath. Move on with your shower when you are ready.

Shower meditation #7: Use your senses.

  • Aww, the warmth of a shower! At some point in your shower, take a few moments to explore what your senses sense. Maybe even close your eyes for a few moments.
  • Notice the sensation and texture of the washcloth moving across your body.
  • Notice the temperature of the water on your entire body.
  • Notice the sound of the water as it splashes on your shoulders and runs down the drain.
  • Notice the smell of the soap or shower gel.
  • Open your mouth and catch a few drops sensing the temperature and taste in your mouth.
  • Notice, even if eyes are closed, the shimmering and white light flickering.
  • Notice what it feels like to shower. Where does the mind wander? What physical sensations do you feel? What happens to your heart rate? How does the present moment feel?
  • Take a deep breath. Move on with your shower when you are ready.

Change your shower routine. Change your life. 

With the pace of your busy schedule, meditation and mindfulness are more important than ever to help create harmony in your mind, body, and home. And shower time is one perfect place where you can, for a short amount of time, embrace a subtle shift that will offer you powerful results.

No matter what you call it, try it for a week or two, and be consistent with your new shower time ritual. Notice what shifts. Take a deep breath. Continue with your day.